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Not all limestone is created equal!

Quoting directly from the document Atlantic Soils Need Lime, "Liming materials differ in their chemical composition, neutralizing value, fineness of grind, and speed of reaction with the soil." One of the most important factors is the fineness of grind, which is demonstrated in the graph to the right.

In this chart, which is reproduced from the document mentioned above, you can see that the very fine grind (0.15mm, equal to 100 mesh) has a much faster impact on the soil's pH than the very coarse grind (2.0mm, equal to 10 mesh).

Mosher's Pelletized limestone is equal to or greater than the very fine grind, meaning it will have the fastest reaction in your soil.

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture recommends a grind of 100% through 10 mesh and 60% through 100 mesh in their nutrient management program. All of our other limestone products meet or exceed this specification (where applicable).

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