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Application Guide

As a general rule of thumb in Nova Scotia, you would typically apply about 30 pounds (14kg) per 1000 square feet every year to maintain pH at present levels. However, this will not always be the case. If you are applying limestone to an already lush and green lawn, you can probably cut the above application rate in half. On the other hand if your lawn has a very low pH, you might need to double the typical application to correct the problem.

The amount of limestone you should apply depends mainly on the following factors:

The best place to start is to test your soil. For both commercial farmers and homeowners, soil tests should be done by a reputable laboratory for best results. You can purchase pH test kits and do the testing yourself but test accuracy may vary.

Homeowners and gardeners in Nova Scotia can use the following links from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website:

  • How to take a soil sample and send it in for analysis - PDF
  • Soil sample submission form - PDF

You will need Adobe Reader (Free) to view the PDF files.

Commercial farmers in Nova Scotia should contact their Agriculture Representative to discuss the many programs and services available to them, incuding the Farm Investment Fund.

An excellent resource for information about limestone is the document Atlantic Soils Need Lime, which was prepared by the Atlantic Advisory Committee on Soil Fertility, and is available on the Newfoundland and Labrador Agriculture Department website.

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